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Regenerating Dead Willie into Sweet William
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Dead Willie .. Clik a Pic .. Sweet William

Dear Sunriders: May I tell my story?

I like to have fun. Not too many months ago, I wasn’t having any. I felt far older than I should have. "Old folk’s ailments" were prematurely with me and no fun.

That was before I knew about Live, Whole-Plant, Food "herbs" and "Regeneration" (re-gene-ration) habits and products.

The fun of life disappeared slowly but became desperate when I was 58. I seemed to “hit-the-wall.” There was shortness of breath -actually it was wheezing and panting. I could walk only a few feet before it was necessary to stop to puff in enough oxygen to proceed. I attributed it to being “out-of -shape.” That was strange because I used every opportunity to make exercise, -i. e. taking the farthest parking spaces, climbing stairs to my office (fourth floor), and carrying heavier things.

I gained a bunch of weight in a short time, -eighty pounds plus in 2˝ years. (Look at the pictures above -that was about mid-way in my gain.) I tried to do better (-fad dejure diets and aids). You know, the latest and greatest (improved, enriched, new, designed, patented, engineered, fractionated, isolated, etc.) ones. After all the ads "suggested" they'd work?

Still I gained. Sometimes the "promised ones" seemed to actually help me gain?

I thought maybe at my age it was supposed to be that way and always feel old, uncomfortable and unhappy.

There was fearful tiredness too; --all the time. "I had no energy." I could not get enough sleep; even with a nap before going to bed and sometimes at noon. It was “couch-potato” on weekends.

Maybe it was stress of work. The stress was actually less than it had been in years.

There were strong chest pains. They were constant and seemed connected with the shortness in breath.

My joints hurt like I'd been kicked by a cow , -especially in the shoulders. My left arm, the less sore one, carried the right arm.

I did have a gigantic appetite. I was hungry all the time. I was addicted to sugar and craved it -especially "Blue Bell" ice cream.

The worst thing was I couldn't remember. I was embarrassed that I could not recall conversations few minutes afterward to make file notes about them.

All the time, I denied there was anything wrong and thought everything would be OK "in a few more days." That is until a former employee, nurse/paralegal, came to my office. We had not seen each other for more than 5 years. She was administrator of an "assisted living" facility.

She looked at me and asked how I was. My reply was the traditional: "Good." She asked to see my fingernails and I showed them. She looked and went behind my desk to the telephone and dialed.

I didn't know what was happening until I heard her say: "He'll be there at 2:30." She had made an appointment with a cardiologist she respected.

When she straighten up, she said: "You are going to see a doctor this afternoon."

I, of course, resisted because of appointments. I asked: "What gives?"

She replied: "When I see patients with fingernails as black as yours, they are dead in 3 days."

That got my attention. I came out of denial and kept the appointment.

The cardiology specialist reported I had “the heart of a twenty-five-year-old” and “the circulatory system was fine.” When I questioned the opinion, he recommended a pulmonary specialist and helped with the appointment.

The pulmonary doctor found a 5% reduction in lung capacity and opined: “There are young people who would like to have the breathing capacity you have.”

I still felt bad.

The fee expected and paid to each was $2'000US. If fees means anything, I had pretty good examinations?

On the way home from the pulmonary specialist, in a spell of controlled anger, I suddendly made a U turn and stopped to make an appointment with an M. D. advertising with a roadside sign: "Allegeries, Chronic Fatigue." A couple days later he found time to see me.

After tests, He felt my natural reserves (nutrient bank) was depleted. He mixed and administered transfusions twice a week and prescribed many highly advertised "health -food" store "vitamins" and "minerals" i. e. isolates. This care was $700.00US plus per month and the physician was another $250.00.

I asked about the "3 days." He confiremed if I didn't respond quickly, he'd put me in an hospital.

The health store isolates and transfusions and allergy shots continued nearly 6 months (-Until SR Brand "Sunrider" products found us). All along the doctor and Kay enjoyed poking me with needles. I was too chicken to do it myself " 'cause they hurt.")

I seemed not to worsen but did not improve --stable, but sick. I asked the doctor: "How does a man get in this condition?"

He had no explanation for my “Hitting the wall.” He did say: "Sometimes when you get older you do not absorb your food like you used to."

I thought I was more careful in my diet and habits than most. As some folks say: "I eat good." After all, I had lettuce on my burgers. We lived and ate as do "middle" Americans.

I had been a decent athlete into mid-age. My prelaw degree was Health Education and Biology.

Since I was not improving, I quit work because I was unsafe serving clients. We made plans to move out-of-state to be near one of the children because we felt old and needed assistance. (Kay was suffering too, but she mostly concealed it from me.)

Following a chance meeting on the airplane coming from my son's home and at Kay’s urging, I attended a J. W. Emerson food nutrition and wellness discussion and learned about "replenishing nutrition reserves" at the cellular level "the right way" --by eating concentrated, live, whole-plant, food and using SR Brand wellness products. I understood the Sunrider "Physiology of Regeneration" better than I did in college days.

It made sense. I understood why concentrated, lively, whole-plant, food products were effective when other "things" I used failed.

Kay and I bought a month's supply (3 Sunpacks). We ate a lot of all of Sunrider food. I improved and returned to work three weeks later. (Kay's improvement came more slowly, but I will let her tell her story).

Most of my symptoms disappeared within six months and quality living returned. The fun-loving guy was back!

Then the biggest surprise came.

I began to lose weight. My orginal goal was to return to work. I expected to be heavy with a "big-bay-window" the rest of my life.

Gradually, my body shape changed for the better. My skin tightened as the weight came off. Age spots went away. I felt well and looked good.

People asked what I was doing. Some wanted to follow my example.

Even today -since 1991, my body shape keeps improving. I am experiencing regeneration following a re-gene-ration and avoiding a "die it." I have never skipped a meal or felt deprived. Somehow, my body knows what is best. When I provide natural nutrient it takes care of me.

Our health successes make us "nutsy" about the effectiveness of the Sunrider products. They are our assurance. The SR Brand products are our first choices for food: vitamines minerals, carbodhydrates, protein, fatty acids and oral hygiene, household care, skin care, cosmetics, etc.

People began asking us about our changed appearances -healthy skin, energy, improved shape, and my return to work.

We told them what we were doing. They followed our examples and extra income came. Now, we talk about SR Brand products as our wellness business every chance we get. We do it because we have energy, feel well, understand the power (effectiveness) of the SR Brand products. We love what the money allows us to do for ourselves and others.

Because of concentration of products,and effectiveness SR Brand products are less expensive than anything we've found --because they work.

With regained vitality, We sold our retirement condo and moved to a 5 bedroom house and entertain our family and Sunrider friends in style. Kay transports them in her Sunrider Towncar. I watch lawn care men mow while the maid washes dishes -that's between travel to see grand and great, grand, children and the Sunrider cruises. It's wonderful to be 76 and feel 36. We "Feel Well, Look good, and Are Healthy" with money to enjoy them.

Our friends are in their mid 40's and 50s and think we are one of them because of our energies. Living is fun again.

~ Bill Hughes
PDG William R. Hughes, BSed (Health), JD

p.s. In the beginning, we focused on Sunrider food choices because they were grown in supervised, nutrient-rich soil, preservative free, concentrated to enhance effectiveness, correctly combined, FDA inspected, and high value for the money. Now we have a total Sunrider home -good stuff for our person and in every room.

As we experienced "regeneration" with Sunrider's SR Brand healthful products, we broadened our wellness habits and felt income generation. This evolved into our home "private" Franchis-like business which we call BillandKay.

When you are ready, let us mentor you in a health journey and "fun" lifestyle with income security. ~bill ~ BillandKay

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Copyright 1998 - 2009
The Bill Hughes story of regained health after loss of 110 pounds and consuming Sunrider's SR Brand products.

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